ARC Review: The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina #3) by Ann Aguirre


Author: Ann Aguirre
Publication Date: March 14, 2018
Format: ARC
Page Length: 250 pages
My Rating: 5/ 5 stars

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Roguish. Reckless. Unreliable.

Raff Pineda has a certain reputation among the Animari. He’s the one to call if there’s a party starting, not the man to rely on when all hell breaks loose. Though he’s nominally the leader of the Pine Ridge pack, he defers to his second on the tough calls. Raff prefers to live fast and hard and keep his heart hidden, but a certain Eldritch princess won’t fall for his usual tricks, and their contract political marriage may be anything but convenient.

Ambitious. Elegant. Isolated.

Princess Thalia Talfayen may not have been raised by a witch in a tower, but she’s spent the last few decades locked up for a failed insurrection. Plotting and scheming comes naturally to her; personal connections do not. Since she’s come this far in her unstoppable quest to claim the silver throne, she won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to unite her people, even if that means giving herself to the big bad wolf…

This book is definitely not a standalone and should be read as part of the Ars Numina series, first with The Leopard King and then with The Demon Prince as the second book. I did really like the quick synopsis at the beginning of this book about what has happened in the story so far, and brings the reader up to speed on the major highlights of the series. That certainly helps if you’re not reading the books back-to-back. So, while the last book was heavy in battle scenes, this book takes a small step back from that. Not to say there isn’t any fighting, because there is, but I found that this book focuses a little bit more on political maneuvers and the romance aspect of the story.

The Wolf Lord is about an Eldritch self-proclaimed princess named Thalia, who wants to win the throne and become queen. The Eldritch have been always been divided between houses and have never been able make a stake for the throne to rule over the Eldritch as one. Thalia needs an alliance. Her people aren’t enough to win her the throne and marriage prospects are slim in which to support her cause. That leaves her with the wolf shifters and their leader, Raff. Raff is certainly not her first choice, but it’s the best she has.

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Review: Three’s Company by N.R. Walker


Author: N.R. Walker
Publication Date: August 24, 2015 (re-release)
Format: E-Book
Page Length: 229 pages
My Rating: 3 / 5 stars

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When he started looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones. Love isn’t always conventional.

After being publicly outed leaves his restaurant business in tatters, and being dumped by his closeted boyfriend, Wilson Curtis goes to Key West alone where he meets Simon and Adam. Fascinated by this couple, he strikes up conversation and is soon invited into their bed for some holiday fun.

But once isn’t enough, and the offer is extended for the remainder of his stay. As they get to know each other, in and out of the bedroom, sparks fly and ten days is all it takes to change their lives.

I thought this book was just okay. It felt like could be a fun getaway romance. I thought some things it did right, but also had issue on the POC characters in this book. This story is set in Key West. A small hotel is managed by partners Simon and Adam. Wil was supposed to be on the trip with his boyfriend, who is now his ex, and has made the trip alone to Key West after nearly being run out of town. He’s a chef and owns his own restaurant in Alabama, but when word gets out that he’s gay, residents no longer want to go to his restaurant and he’s losing money fast. He decides to head out to Key West to get away from all that, and suddenly finds himself with Simon and Adam.

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Audiobook Review: Into This River I Drown by TJ Klune


Author: TJ Klune
Publication Date: October 23, 2017
Format: Audiobook
Page Length: 304 pages
Audiobook Length: 18 hours and 49 minutes
My Rating: 2 / 5 stars

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Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father Big Eddie when his truck crashed into a river. Everyone called it an accident, but Benji knows it was more. Even years later, he’s buried in his grief, throwing himself into managing Big Eddie’s convenience store in the small-town of Roseland, Oregon. Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day to day, struggling to keep his head above water.

But Roseland is no ordinary place.

With ever more frequent dreams of his father’s death and waking visions of feathers on the river’s surface, Benji finds his definition of reality bending. He thinks himself haunted; by ghosts or memories, he can no longer tell. Not until a man falls from the sky, leaving the burning imprint of wings on the ground, does Benji begin to understand that the world is more mysterious than he ever imagined – and more dangerous. As uncontrollable forces descend on Roseland, they reveal long-hidden truths about friends, family, and the stranger Calliel – a man Benji can no longer live without.

SO. This is my unpopular opinion time. I struggled with this book. It has taken me four months to get through this story, and I can generally finish a book this size in about three days. But even then, it was by sheer willpower that I wanted to finish this book and just be done with it. I know many people love this book, but as it is with TJ Klune books…he does write in a variety of subgenres within m/m romance. I do love many of his books, but there are a few that just don’t work for me. And this book just happens to be the latter.

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Review: Cracked Kingdom (The Royals #5) by Erin Watt


Author(s): Erin Watt
Publication Date: March 1, 2018
Format: E-Book
Page Length: 305 pages
My Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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These Royals will ruin you.

Ever since Hartley Wright met Easton Royal, her life hasn’t been the same. There are enemies behind every corner and dangers beyond each door. When tragedy strikes and steals her memories, she can’t trust anyone, not even the blue-eyed boy who promises her that everything will be all right.

Because while Hartley’s memory is full of gaps, her instincts tell her Easton is dangerous. She doesn’t know if he’s the snake in the garden or her chance at salvation. The chaos he brings wherever he goes is too much to handle, the intense feelings he evokes are too confusing to unravel.

Easton wants her to remember. Hartley thinks it’s better to forget.

She might be right.

Tragedy. Treachery. Trust. Hartley has to face the facts—in this world, you can’t escape the Royals.

Either you live by their rules or you die by them.

It’s the end! Five books in, and Cracked Kingdom is a wild ride from start to finish. I still need to read Tarnished Crown (Gideon’s story that was released on Wattpad), but as far as the main books go, this is it. I was worried that Easton’s story wasn’t going to live up to expectations, just because of how I felt about Twisted Palace and that entire book. But. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this story and I prefer Easton and Hartley over the other Royals. Easton really came into his own and it’s really no surprise this is my favorite because I think it’s the least problematic book in the series.

We were left with a shocking cliffhanger in Fallen Heir. I did have issues with the first half of the book, but it definitely got better as it went along. That ending though. Well, this book picks up pretty soon after those events.

Trigger warnings for alcoholism and suicide.


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My Thoughts on the 90th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

The 90th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

I really don’t watch all that many movies a year, but you can bet that I’ll wind up watching all the Best Picture nominees for the Oscars. There’s nine, and the question the usual movier-goer can ask is, is it even worth my time to watch any of these? Yes, I’m still a book review blog, but for this one day, I will give my unasked for opinion  the movie academy have deemed worthy of selecting as Best Picture. ❤

The nine Best Picture nominees are as follows:

  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Darkest Hour
  • Dunkirk
  • Get Out
  • Lady Bird
  • Phantom Thread
  • The Post
  • The Shape of Water
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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February 2018 Wrap-Up


Hey, lovelies! Sorry I haven’t been posting much this month! I’m actually surprised I read anything at all in February because 1) THE OLYMPICS, and 2) I decided that this was a fine time to watch anime again. This meant that I didn’t actually get a chance to review very many books either. I will do better in March!

So, let’s start with the Winter Olympics! Did anyone watch? My favorite event was snowboard cross, with ski cross a close second. It’s thrilling and EXCITEMENT and doesn’t require judges to score each athlete’s performance (unless they took out another player who was winning and they had to be reinstated, but that’s another matter). Figure skating was also super fun to watch! ❤

Anime I got obsessed with this month? The most problematic ones to start off with – Junjou Romantica (all three seasons) and its spin-off, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. Like. I remember watching Junjou Romantica years ago when it was first released as an anime (I never read the manga) and boy, is that show a lesson in toxic, sexual abusive relationships. The spin-off was interesting from a manga production perspective, but no, I really would not recommend either of these shows.

But BLACK BUTLER. I never watched or read this when it was first released (don’t ask how I missed this), so this was my first viewing and I LOVED IT. I never realized how dark this story got? It’s disturbingly dark, y’all. It’s hilarious when it needs to be, and pure angst when it calls for it. And most importantly, you really can’t trust anyone in this show. It really helped my Falling Kingdoms series book hangover, I think.

LibraryPalooza 2018

Authors in attendance: Kendare Blake, Libba Bray, Jason Reynolds, Sabaa Tahir, Gene Yang, and Jeff Zentner

Goodreads 2018 Challenge Update

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 7.40.34 PM

All the books I read (and re-read) this month below!!! ❤

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Review: Risky Behavior (Bad Behavior #1) by L.A. Witt and Cari Z


Author(s): L.A. Witt and Cari Z
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Format: E-Book
Page Length: 308 pages
My Rating:  4 / 5 stars

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It’s day one of Darren Corliss’s career as a detective, and not only has he been assigned a notoriously difficult partner, but the guy might also be a pill-popping dirty cop. Internal Affairs needs proof, and Darren gets to be their eyes and ears whether he wants to or not.

Detective Andreas Ruffner doesn’t play by the rules, and he doesn’t play well with others. With bodies piling up and a list of suspects who are way above his pay grade, the last thing he needs is a wet-behind-the-ears kid for a partner. Or babysitter. Not even if that partner is easy on the eyes.

As Darren gains Andreas’s hard-won trust, they both realize there’s more than just mutual suspicion simmering beneath the surface. But their investigation is heating up as quickly as their relationship, and Darren has no choice but to go along with Andreas’s unorthodox–and borderline unethical–methods. As IA puts the squeeze on Darren to give up the man he’s falling for, he has to wonder–is Andreas the only cop left in this town who isn’t dirty?

I love detective books. I also don’t read enough of them, so I decided to check out this book. For the most part, I really did enjoy the story and found the characters intriguing. I thought the ending was intense and brought the drama.

The story is told from two perspectives – Andreas and Darren. Andreas is a detective who has been in the job for a long time. Enough to have very few friends and a reputation among his peers. But he does his job well and catches the bad guys, so that’s enough for him. However, his boss has other ideas and keeps trying to pair Andreas up with a partner and he isn’t interested in having someone following him around working as a double agent. He’s sure that he’s only being assigned partners because the department is trying to catch him using drugs or doing something otherwise unsavory, but no one has been able to find anything yet and he plans on keeping it that way.

Until Darren enters the scene.

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